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Money is apart of the experience

It is my understanding that the reason why we (general population) can not trade money is to help preserve the economy and discourage botters and money sellers. Well i think thats good but i ask is there a way to allow us to buy and sell out side the market. The market like anything else should add to the environment. If i have a number of an items i don’t need and don’t want to go around shouting or if i cant shout because i dont have a mega phone then the market is a great way to go. But what if instead of using the market everyone had a daily trade limit very similar to what you have now for market transactions. It could work somthing like this.

  1. items would have an added trade value (personal, market, shop and PUBLIC)
  2. Items with public trade option could vary randomly (you could make a velcoffer weapon, and it may or may not have the Public trade option) This may discourage botting, also the velcoffer weapon was just an example, all items would have a chance to have the public trade option.
  3. The amount of money each person can trade would be determined by their team lvl
  4. the max amount that the item could be traded for would be half the current value on the market
    example: peach on market is worth 1mill personal trade value would only be 500k
    This keeps the market as the primary method to sell but offers the option to sell to anyone allowing anyone selling direct to other players the ability to get rid of items since they are losing half the value they could have.


  1. Allow items that cant be sold to the shop, market or have a value of $0.00 be dropped on the ground for all players to pick up. Once the item is pick up it is bound to that character and untradable. from there it can only be deleted.

The thing about money in the game is there’s no point in having it if you cant buy and sell with current players. This is part of the reason that blessed gems are used as an alternate form of currency and often used to trade for goods.

When it comes to doing personal trades for silver, I think the only viable solution would be:

  • Team level must be very high to do so, like 50+
  • Audit log is tightly managed
  • There is still some kind of silver sink element attached, either via potential lost, tax, or the item purchased with silver becomes bound to the recipient

Thanks for your reply but thats sounds like most of what i was saying with the team lvl requirement, being bound to the char. im an ex ragnarok online player and im not trying to make TOS into RO but i remember as a noob i was super happy when i could go to far away lands that was dangerous and pick up a few items that people didnt want it was kind of like an in game reward for exploring that had no effect on the economy.

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