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Mistakes cannot be fixed by support - Fedimian transfer to SA Server

Whoa slow down, i might have replied wrongly, wasn’t refering to you

I do agree with you @leo_gm1998. I’m in the same situation…

But I got pissed off with disrespect of @Thenestas…do you think you have any rights to speak like this to anyone, just because he’s playing at “your” server, or just because he’s a brazilian?

If you don’t have nothing to contribute, please, don’t talk ■■■■.

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Yeah… He pissed me off too, I think u can see that by seeing my answer to his rudeness.
But besides that, people have to understand that I know I made a mistake, but is was a mistake based on innocence and lack of knowlege that should be considered because I wasnt trying to screw anyone and ended up screwing myself due to no IG information

I do understand the frustration and that it could have been an honest mistake. I’m really not sure if they are responsible for your use of the product.

I’m just not sure because if the product stated “Unrefundable once redeemed” a more careful use is recommended. I know it sucks big time because of prices in Brazil, but things are what things are.

Only way I would say IMC is wrong in this one is if there isn’t a message about it being unrefundable once redeemed. Not sure where I saw it.

I didnt read it, it was written when u moused over the chest. BUt thats not the problem, I thought they would transfer my acc to the SA server or w/e. I didnt expect to play on any existing server cuz I was waiting for a server with low latency

You didn’t expect to play in Fedimian but used your valuable Founder’s Pack there?

Well… I was going to transfer somehow, or at least I thought so, why shouldnt I?

I’m very against companies doing bad things to their costumers, but I’m also against costumers not understanding how things work and what is the competence of a company or not. I’m against the thing “all the power to consumer” because it hurts everyone, after all, consumers can abuse systems. Not saying you are abusing it knowingly, but after collecting more information from you, you are kind of abusing it. You might not realize it. But we all have been there.

  • Yes, Klaipeda had a problem at the beginning. It’s understandable that you want to play right away, I did create a char on Klaipeda as well, but I understood that it was going to be a temporary problem, as in fact it was. So, even though the server had a problem, you created a character in Fedimian because you wanted to.

  • You know (but did state that didn’t read the item description) that Founder’s Pack are unrefundable once redeemed. It happens because people can abuse the system in several ways. You didn’t read the description and used your valuable item without thinking of the possible consequences. This is consumer’s regret.

  • You didn’t know that Fedimian was going to have a transfer. But is the company obliged to state that they are going to allow transfers in any way when they open a server? Absolutely not.

  • IMC should have a transfer server premium service. Blizzard has or at least used to have one for WoW. It was $20. This would be the best approach, I think. Allow players to transfer paying for the service.

I’m sorry you might feel I’m not on your side. But you made a mistake, not IMC in this case. They should have a premium service to allow transfer and allow you to make use then of the Founder’s Pack in another server, but I don’t see how IMC should hand out everything you want when you didn’t read the description of the item and when you assumed that you were going to be handled a free transfer server whenever you wanted.

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d4wnbreaker: Stop being an idiot.

If he went on a server at game launch that was unmarked and then expected to be transfered to the SA server when it opened. That is a perfectly reasonable expectation.

Man, can’t you read the forum notes???

They WROTE that we WILL RECEIVE A FREE SERVER TRANSFER by the time the F2P begins. They haven’t explicited any restrictions. So what?

We’re just claiming what THEY said.

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Thanks for the support Frankablu and Izleid. Im still hoping that they will consider my problem


My experience with this game support has been lacking, to say the least.

While Developers and IMC high administration seem to be in touch with community, GMs are close to useless.

The other day I got a “Nukella” drop for me. It didnt say anything about right click to consume. While I was trying to link it in chat, it got consumed and didnt do anything to my char.
Sent a ticket and GM said it couldnt be restored.
There is no real point of keeping staffs like that IMO. Just pay some interns to hunt bots.

I must say, GMs being powerless to restore items even in those circunstances made me decide to not to spend any money on it untill I see how things plays out.

That sucks… I wish we all could have our problems solved or at least considered so we can get satisfied as we should be. They only give us standard responses as far as I can see. Thats not the way to go…

Is it located in the materials section or the consumables section in your item storage/bag?

No need for name calling when people don’t agree on things. Don’t be a child. Be better than that.

Yes, I can read many things. But I don’t have time or will to read all of them.

A simpler explanation for my answers is the simpler of them all: I didn’t read anything regarding this. Can you point me to where is this official statement? This would change my mind way more than placing several interrogation marks, writing in caps or making silly questions.

So here it is:

That’s all about.


There is one more announcement made by @Staff_Julie:

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Well, then, now the ball is on your court, @STAFF_Ethan and all. I would be pissed with all the reason. I purchased three Founder’s Pack. I will expect this if I want to change servers. Not at all my problem if you guys screwed up things there.

Is this for real!!! I mean, u can’t be saying that to me when Im trying to contact you since release…
That response made me so mad, I won’t even say nothing. Just have this images.
This one is proof that I’ve been contacting the support team since forever. I even lost hope for 20 days and didn’t check if they responded (they took a month to respond one of my tickets).
@STAFF_Ethan Im putting my hope in you guys once again…