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Mission log needs a rework

I’ve been playing this game since before it’s got free …
that been said I already played most of the quests missions a lot of times, but lately I notice how confuse the old mission/quests log can become since you can level up much faster that it’s used to be on the low levels of the game …
for exemple, I can get level 50 before get out of cristal mine if I use the exp cards that I gain when complete a mission, in that way the current (old) mission log shows me the missions on the level I acquired, but the maps may be far away, yet when I get to the aforementioned maps I leveled up on the way and the same issue repeats itself … this cam make new players to get confused.

I suggest that the mission log could be changed into ‘separeted per map’ … like when you got on a map that you have quests/missions to do, a message appears telling that “you got missions” there to do, then you search for the map name on the log (or it’s get highlighted on the log) to activate the missions if you want to make then.

also a selection box to disable the message when you got on the maps, if the player don’t want to do then.


As long as the message doesn’t get directly in my face and every time I enter the same map this sounds like a good idea, a check uncheck option would do it. I’ve also always thought the quest log looks really messy, having everything stacked like it is it’s not efficient when you are looking for a perticular quest.