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Missing TP Items from past purchases

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : January 13th 2020 (UTC+9:30) Adelaide

Server Name: NA Klaipeda

Team Name: Kithir

Character Name: Shisa

Bug Description :
I’ve installed the game from when it first came out and knowingly spent money on buying items to dress my avatar in. I’ve purchased a the first outfit that was the spring flower along with the blonde wig high ponytail w/fringe and then my most recent of purchases that was a wig and loveheart contacts which also seem to be missing, I’ve tried to retrive them through market place (no luck) had a look for beauty coupons (no luck) and even looked to see if they had TP exchange or whatever it is and still no luck! I’m upset ive spent money on a game with purchases i can even use no longer!


Did you check your first character market place?

Maybe just maybe this is connected to the server merge back then?

I checked the log going up until 2016, I found the only TP purchase with this account was 100 TP on 2018 January 11th. which is short for entire costume. I think you maybe referring other account. Do you have any other accounts on Steam?