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Missing skills on druid

I tried searching but couldn’t find anything but I finally unlocked Druid but it doesn’t have hengestone or stream trofh. Was the skills removed?

Yes, deleted ’ w`*

This game druid is sucks
Its neglected and never done right despite tons of remakes
If you happen to be fan of druid like me you will witness what i called druid decadence from tos druid
I witness all tos druid changes and they never give it proper justice to be an actual red class
Tos druid is a shame for druid community worldwide


I still have 5 unassigned skill points and what’s left is either Seed Bomb or the polymorph skills, all useless. It’s always a shame to have a class where you don’t even need to spend the 45 points…

Druid color identity is always been blunder but they dont even have time to fix it unlike krivis or crusader. Its never been a red.