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Missing or Removed Subquests/Sidequests

Just returned to the game after a very long hiatus and created a new character.

After going through the first zone (West Siauliai Woods) I noticed NPCs weren’t offering me subquests/side quests - those quests marked in blue.

For instance, the soldiers did not ask me to investigate and then fight Large Kepa (2nd time) and Golem.

Laimonas did not ask me to kill the Infrorocktors and I didn’t get to fight Rocktortuga at the end of the area.

These quests/mini bosses have been removed from the game or am I missing something? Is this related to TOS Re:build?

Just want to make sure I’m not missing/skipping content that is still present in the game.


When you open your quest list, there will be a long list of 10 Episodes to do. They’re the old orange quest questlines, basically.
You have to have completed the 10th Episode questline atleast once now to unlock subquests. Only that one, you can skip the others if you want to.

You can do the 10th episode on any character you have, to open up the subquests for your entire team.

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Ohhh I see.

Thanks a lot!

Better start questing then.

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