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Missing characters (returnee) is my character delete/gone?

Hello, so like the title says, I tried returning to the game after like years of not playing but I do remember logging in once a year ago (?), not sure but back then I still have the characters but when I tried to log in today, I was greeted with the new team name thingy, so I did but to my surprise, my characters weren’t there so I tried logging in to different servers and surprised to see 2 low level characters on 2 different servers, but no sign of the main. If I remember correctly, It was like a level 300+ character only but I had all my stuff there. Is my character deleted/gone?

Edit: name of the remaining characters are Ielle and Madrazzo, I honestly don’t remember my main’s name but I know it was a male ranger.

Was is a SEA account? If so there was some problem with the W server merge and some teams were deleted erroneously. Just submit a ticket to the support and ask to retrieve your team. Otherwise I don’t know, teams were supposed to be safe as long as there is a level 140 character on the list.

Hi, Yes it’s a SEA account.

From the latest patch notes: " Deleted teams after the W Server integration has been recovered. (4th Request)"

You should have recovered your account now. If not, submit a report to the support so they make a 5th batch of teams.