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Missing Character and TP bought items

Hello everyone, so it’s been a long time since I played and when I returned I couldn’t find any of my characters or things that I bought with TP (cosmetic items and character slots tickets).
Already opened a ticket but didn’t get any answers.

Look at the “market retrieve tab”.

I already looked it but couldn’t find anything

Define “long time”. If you were playing on the server even before re:build, everything should be in your main character’s market retrieve tab. If you were playing on a server that doesn’t exist anymore (Orsha, season server), everything is gone. If your characters were not level 150 or so, everything is also gone.

I last played it on July 2020, I think. The server still exists (Silute), but none of my characters and additional character’s slot remains. When I created a new character and logged in the game, I found my old character whisper to my friend, so I definitely played on this server and steam account.