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Missing Character after server merge

Date :july 28

Server Name: Orsha

Team Name: Factory, Invers on Klaipeda

Character Name: Nephenee

Bug Description :
I came back after a long while, dont remember when i stopped playing, but after coming back i noticed i was missing my main character, it was a Hoplite(not sure the other classes) named Nephenee on the Orsha server, after some research i think it was due to the server merge back in march of 18, reading the post it seems it would delete characters that didnt fit in the main team, but my team after coming back has 6/8 characters and im only missing that character, is there any way to get her back or is it too late?

i think it’s too late ‘w’;;;

though they prioritize retaining characters that are more accomplished. i wonder how your main character got deleted instead ‘w’

i think u are better making new chars
New players/returners get a lot more love from this game than loyals and active players :tired:

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