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Missing all the equipment from the character

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : Moscow 27.08.2019 ~21:00-24:00

Server Name: Fedimian

Team Name: Yroy
Unfortunately now I can not enter the game. And maybe wrong.

К сожалению сейчас не могу войти в игру. И возможно ошибся.

Character Name: Ivan

Bug Description :
I have not entered the game for 38 months.
Yesterday we decided to play with my brother.
It turned out that all the equipment was missing from the characters.
Only that which was in the inventory and in the warehouse has been preserved.
But perhaps a lot more things have disappeared, since we do not remember exactly what we had.

Я не заходил в игру 38 месяцев.
Вчера решили поиграть с братом.
Оказалось, что вся экипировка пропала с персонажей.
Сохранилось только то, что лежало в инвентаре и на складе.
Но возможно пропало гораздо больше вещей, так как мы не помним точно что у нас было.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. game restart
  2. game restart
  3. game restart
  4. game restart

Screenshots / Video :
Excuse me, there is no way to take a screenshot now.
all equipment slots on the character become empty. All equipment from them was gone. I don’t think screenshots are needed here. (Now I put on the equipment from the warehouse)

Извините, нет возможности сейчас сделать скриншот.
все слоты экипировки на персонаже стали пустыми. Всё снаряжение из них пропало. Не думаю что тут нужны скриншоты. (сейчас я одел экипировку со склада)


Most likely the equipment was lost due to past updates.

Вероятно снаряжение пропало из-за прошедших обновлений.

typical ragequit, go ahead pls quit with your toxic.
back to topic: check your market, retrieve tab.

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if your a returning player after RE:build patch, all your equipment are in the Market “Retrieve” tab.