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Misrus Harden Buff

Misrus Plate Equips’ Harden buff effect is not working as described. In the item description is written the following:

  • Activates Misrus Harden buff when equipped

  • Harden

  • Physical and Magic ATTACK ▲ (number of stacks x 800) for 15 seconds when using SP Potion

However, when equipping the item’s ichor, the Harden’s buff is different. The description of the buff is as follows:

Physical / Magical DEFENSE when using SP Potions.

The effect of the buff is really increasing the Defense.
I bought 3 Misrus Plate Pants yesterday just because of the Attack buff…
Very disapointing waste a lot of silver because of wrong description… =(

As the name suggest , Misrus Plate Equips’ Harden buff is a defensive buff.
It is a translation error on IMC end, and the appropriate set effect (Defence buff) is also listed correctly on ktos-neet:

just IMC things xD

Did you pay alot for them though? :confused: feelsbadman

I paid 20kk on each piece…
And I think they won’t be worth it all. I paid this amount, because there are still few on the server, because it is the first week of Misrus …
I sent a ticket to check if it is possible to change this ichor, but I don’t have much hope …
I think I’ll be at a loss = /