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Misrus and moring set effects

To anyone who has experienced and rested the different set effects from moringponia/ misrus (skidas, atagal, etc). I need insights on each one. Which one do u find the most efficient, which ones are underwhelming and why? Thank you.

Skidas is good for classes like cannon

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have any idea about the set effect that has a heal skill? does the heal affect the caster??

Skidas gives a shield every time you kill any enemy, its a bit buggy but works well farming/CM, did not try in Gemstone or GTW yet.
Also, you need to finish the enemy(last blow).


will try skidas tnx!!!1

Does it have CD?

Also tgese effecrs are in game already?

The Shield last 10s with 17s cd.
Its moringponia prefix so its on itos already.

D 17s cd starts at d moment when u kill an enemy and d shield up or just after 10s when d shield down?

Its after you kill the enemy

And i did not check if the extra damage on medium enemies work on players.

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Is it a worth set effect 4 pvp?
Did u test if Crush and Bodkin Point can break it?

I personally would not recommend using Skidas in PvP because you must finish the target in first place… And it does seems to not work in TBL at least. Crush and Bodkin Point most likely can break it because its a shield, Also Misrus probably will proc too.

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I dont PVP anyway XD

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