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Minimum strenght for self defense completed and acquired a 5th class

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 21/12/2019 (gmt+1)

Server Name: Fedimian

Team Name: STANDaMAN

Character Name: Sagitter

Bug Description :
I completed the "minimum strenght for self defense and acquired the priest class. i think i had this quest from before the re:build update.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

i think it can’t be reproduced.

Screenshots / Video :
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Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) :
keyboard and mouse

  • CPU :
  • RAM :
  • Graphics Card :
  • Mainboard :
  • Storage :
  • OS :
  • Internet Connection :
  • Country, Region :

Out of curiosity, can you show us the advancement tab? That icon with the parchment and magnifying glass.

i still have 3 classes there

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excuse me if i insist, i know it’s christmas but my issue is still unresolved. i’m still struck with 5 classes. on top of that my stats got worse since my exo stat growth got switched with priest my INT decreased :expressionless:

I’m sorry for the late reply.

We are investigating the cause of this issue.

As soon as we find the cause and resolve it, we will remove your Priest job right away.

Thank you for your patience and we are sorry for your inconvenience.