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Mini games (Boss cards?)

Totally just a random idea, but other use for the cards could be having a ingame mini-game where players could like do random card duels against each other using their spare cards or something, and the winner gets to pick a card randomly from the loser’s deck like? kinda like the mini-game you can find of pick up pairs in Nahash Forest, that’s actually a really nice thing to find, and i didn’t expect to find a mini-game like that so it totally unexpected bit of fun, so my suggestion is really to see about adding more mini-games into the game?

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this was a feature back when tos first came out but IMC then found out that players was just using it to get past the fact you couldn’t trade cards back then so they took it out :sad:

The messed up was the part where it’s trade card as reward, even now I still don’t get why they decided to discontinue this. The game concept is even sooo simplistic, unlike for example simple ff triple triad. This probably one among many imc decisions that remains mystery
Maybe the mystery is as simple as they don’t have the manpower to continue this, to make this more fun, to analyze the main problem cause they focus too much on rebalancing (yet it never once balance or meta free)

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