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Mineloader card


Srsly IMC

I sos few topics before, but seems nobody official payed any interest.
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tbh, cards in general should be changed, way too many useless cards, including this one


I had them cause they used to be good :frowning:

at least for my lightning user :confused:


It is a card designed as secondary Mechanic to proc item/skilleffects or other card effects. It’s advantage is faster ticks compared to bleed or poison. 1 tick /0.5s


It’s not useless if you pair it properly with items like frieno. Anything with % Chance to proc works very well with this card . I recall someone pairing it with both bleed and poison for some icewall frieno combo. I think it works for stuff like masinio mace and asio pistol. What is interesting is all these DoT have Chance proc one another , allowing you to easily loop proc effects with ease

Rajapearl is 1tick /s
Bitregina is 1 tick / 2
Mineloader is 1 tick/0.5s

It’s just 1 dmg throwing people off. I wouldn’t say it’s useless , just under appreciated. In pvp it works like a mini-stun or bash which is quite annoying