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Miko Questline?

What is up with this quest?

Spent hours in Kleipeda looking for the spirit there, channel surfed many times and just couldn’t find it. After hours I gave up and tried a different map to see if I would have better luck, went to ( Pelke Shrine Ruins ). Only to be in the same position and stare at that light in the middle of the water and nothing.

Many guides, many different “strats” but to me is just dumb luck, I would rather kill 10K mobs than do this boring and complete RNG quest.

Not counting the other locations that I have yet to see.

I’ve done this quest 4x (when unlocks were still expensive) and I can say that it’ll be faster to farm silver and buy an unlock voucher than do this quest.

Do I get this voucher in the market?

Yeah you can check the market if it’s pretty cheap. Some people also trade for blessed shards.

I will take a look, thanks

For sure if unlocks are on the market it would be quicker.
That said, Klai and Pelke spirit, the latter more than the former, are between the easiest to do. Were you channel surfing in the right place in Klaipeda?