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Miko Bug Damage

I am aware that there is a bug about miko’s Omikuji, in which he is keeping the damage buff in F1 even without the buff being possible to stop infinitely, I do not know what the trigger for activation is, but he has already heard cases of activate with Kruvina da Glacia after 20stacks and also outside Glacia with some other trigger that I haven’t discovered yet.
Briefly, the bug occurs because you get the miko’s buff to have the damage increase and something takes its maximum damage, so you take the miko’s buff and when the damage returns to normal it will come back as if you were with the buff, knowing that it is running out of Glacia also leads me to question whether there is another class that may be triggering this to happen, I am testing the possibilities, but if someone finds out something share it here.

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nice dcp btw

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There was no bug involved in doing this.

So how did you get 100k without the Giltine crown? Can you show it?

Don’t Miko omikuji + skiaclipse raid gimmick buff reach this atk easily?

How the Miko Bug works in Glacia
Take the Red Miko buff (Damage buff), Use Kruvina to “clear” the stacks, Remove the miko buff when you receive the debuff (Warm Energy) that will take your damage, Wait for the debuff to end and you will be with the damage as if it were with Miko’s buff, it can stop endlessly depending on how lucky you are to see the buff.
Knowing that it is working outside of Glacia, I tested it with some skills that take damage while in PvP but nothing worked, if someone knows skill or buffs that take their maximum damage, type in and I can test it.
Note: the glacia buff is tier99 and Miko’s tier2, I don’t know if that can influence anything

Thats for the bug report, now some’s guilds from Silute will need to search for another bug to get top Joint/Giltine :c