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Miko ARTS great blessing doesn't not grant 30-min crit buff

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 9:05 Server Time, 11/09/2019

Server Name: Klaipedia

Team Name: Grimnirs

Character Name: Nerd

Bug Description :
The ARTS “Omikuji: Financial Fortune” should give both critical rate and looting chance a 30-min buff. However, the critical rate buff ends after 30 seconds with the original buff. The buff granted by the ARTS does not increase critical rate.

( A side note, my critical chance seems to have decreased from the default 420 to 407 under the Great Blessing ARTS buff… )

( Another side note, the 10% chance for Great Blessing does not feel like 10% at all. It has taken me 57 casting of Omikuji to draw a Great Blessing at town. That is a ~0.5% event based on geometric distribution modeling consecutive Bernoulli trials. )

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Obtain the ARTS and use it
  2. Cast a bunch of Omikuji until you draw a Great Blessing
  3. Check critical rate after stats after the native Great Blessing buff ends

Screenshots / Video :

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : Keyboard

Antique potato. I don’t wanna talk about it.

Did you go on your attribute/skill tab and activate the art?


If you check my buff, it’s 30 mins. That only happens when the ARTS is activated.

they will likely use the old reason
“its actually critical chance that will affect skill final damage upon hit, not the critical rate in stat”
another example of this is leather dexterity mastery.

Hello @Final_FGrim_14

Kindly submit a ticket to the Tree of Savior support team to further assist you regarding the matter.

Both middle blessing buff and small blessing buff increased the critical rate stats as described. There is no reason for only great blessing buff to work differently.

How do I submit a ticket without logging in with my Google/Facebook account? I am not comfortable linking them with your service.

It’s not supposed to provide critical rate nor critical chance. The art replaces the effect of the critical rate bonus with a looting chance bonus. It would be extremely overpowered if it did not. Despite this, the description of the buff is ambiguous in this and it can be interpreted either way.

The description will be modified so that it is not confusing. No changes will be made to the effect itself as it’s not a bug.

It’s 10%. Bad luck can happen and good luck can happen.

The chance for [Omikuji] to apply a Great Blessing is increased to 10%, and it has the following effects added to it .

  • Great Blessing Buff Duration: 30 minutes
  • Great Blessing: Increases Looting Chance by 500 and provides a 20% chance of preventing you from losing equipment durability for 1 minute.​

The description above leads to my decision to acquire the ARTS. If it’s not supposed to provide critical rate nor critical chance after all, I can only say I am quite disappointed by the translation. I mean, “replace” and “added to” are somewhat opposite terms.

As stated, it is a text error and will be resolved. There is no chance they would allow a +320%(+) critical rate buff to go from a 30 second duration to 30 minutes, alongside a doubled chance of it occurring; that is extremely overpowered. While the description may have led you to believe this, it will never exist in this desired form. There is such a thing as “too good to be true.”

It is unfortunate that this text error slipped through, but it will be fixed as soon as possible, likely with maintenance on Monday. Many description errors such as this are not even mistranslations, but errors with the original text even in Korean. It’s uncertain at this time which it is, but regardless, it will be made a priority to fix it in both languages if it turns out to be an error in Korean as well.

I am sorry I couldn’t figure this out. My sincere apology for trusting the text and IMC.

I know you are great Crevox. And thanks for the replies.

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