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Miko advancement prerequisite question!

Hi everyone, I have a small question and any help will be really appreciated!

I’m returning to the new Season server, and comes with returning is a surplus of PP points, which I used for a class unlock voucher because Miko class unlock is a freaking chore.

But I recently learned that class unlock is character-bound (my appraiser unlock was exclusive to the char that did that quest line). So I don’t wanna use my voucher on a wrong char.

I want to make a Exo - Cru - Miko, but I want to make a male char, so my question is, if the Miko class is unlocked via a voucher, can I advance to it with a male char? Cause I remember being a female char was a prerequisite for advancing to Miko back then. Or should I just make a female and change it back later?

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