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Mergen skills and yellow/ red gems choice?

I know it’s this type of comparison topic again, but my question is actually not which one is better, but how the gems will perform on Mergen skills.

As people who have go through Falconer -> Mergen already, like me, we all know that Mergen skills are all multi-hit type of damage, meaning Triple shots do like 15000 damage x 10 or more depending on how many targets, or Homing Shots doing 15000 damage x 5, or Sprinkling Arrows doing 10000 damage per tick.

Here comes my question, does yellow gem actually add that flat critical damage on EVERY hit from Mergen skills? Let’s say I get maybe 800 crit damage from gem, do all my hits get that 800 damage bonus, in addition to attribute bonus, let’s say, 50, for a flat damage increase of 1200 PER TICK?

Under the same formula, how would Red Gem perform on Mergen skills instead then?

This is an important question to me because soon I’d have to decide which gems to put on 315 bow :confused: Thanks in advance. I want to see more statistical proof or actual testing going on rather than one-sided experience of the current gem you’re using.