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Merge Game Suggestions and Feedback Categories

There is currently no reason to have the Game Suggestions and Gameplay Feedback categories separated, it’s redundant and causes suggestions to be split into two different categories. I propose merging Game Suggestions into Gameplay Feedback. Call the Website & Forum Suggestions category, Website & Forums Feedback to keep it consistent. These changes will make the forum much clearer and will end the confusion and redundancy.

  • I’m not sure what tools the Staff have access to, but for all posts that will be moved to Gameplay Feedback, I recommend labelling them under General Feedback as finding their appropriate category may be too cumbersome.

Suggestion: things not in the game that we wish to see…
Feedback: Things in the game we wish not to see again…

that’s why they have 2 different sections…

the sad part of it is that the majority just dump it threads in General Discussion :expressionless:

Some if not all @Staff members have admin status so they should be able to move threads around…

Gameplay Feedback
We would like to hear from you. Feel free to give constructive feedback and suggestions for Tree of Savior based on your gaming experience.

Share constructive suggestions for Tree of Savior, the Website, and Forums. Please use the appropriate subcategory labels when posting new topics.

They are both intended for the same thing based on their descriptions. Practically they should be merged anyway, as both requesting features and feedback on existent ones are so related.

Yup, it’s a recurring issue. I hope it’s addressed. :confused:

Descriptions aren’t to be fully trusted in ToS xD

'that been said, am not opposed to merging it as Suggestions& feedback section or something like that :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing the great suggestion :slight_smile:
We will consider that your recommendation to prevent the confusion :blush:

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Thanks, it just divides posts and seeing as neither category is overly active it just brings less attention to both of them.

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please leave the trash talk to the old in general discussion…

you aren’t trash enough and it just makes you look pathetic

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