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Mercies botting at HG2F

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : Mercies

  • Location : Hunting Ground channel 7th

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) :

I’ve recorded 30mins of Mercies and many Grapsoda member botting at Hunting Ground 2F , killing tantalizer without relic, moving around to get reward (which is repeat exactly every step) after kill boss

Wait for popcorn guys !

How about you show those recordings? Announcing popcorn ahead of time sounds like youre just fishing for drama

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Reported by new account which sole purpose to report this.

Sounds legit.
I’m not even play in telsiai, nor affiliated by any guild, taking sides, or promote bot
only ever heard this dude name in itos weekly thread like he is the guild big shot
But given how this guy guild dominate gtw recently,
This kinda move of reporting “this guy cheat” by someone who probably doesn’t even use real ign, or even bother make new forum account or even game account
its really like a child play or girls fight at best.
Just git gud dude, payback in the next gtw
This act like crying to your mom when your brother win the fight rofl
Tldr, pathetic.


Funny your first assumption the TS account is from the losing guild like everyone in Tels is as childish as the current winning guild. Isn’t it possible the guy just someone passing by or even someone from the winning guild baiting ppl like u to mock losing guild like what u did? Thats also what the current winning guild do mocking 24/7 like winning guild war in a dead game while spending ton of money is the greatest thing they can achieve in their life so it’s not surprising at all.

Also “git gud”…? U mean RMT more, fund whole guild, pay better players from another server of ToS to help like someone currently do? For a 350 active players game…

kok and Anouk reply waiting room btw.


Mercies botting? what for? he have everything this game can offer - and if he want something, he’ll just RMT it straightup…dude never grind

i want to believe but then saw this

okay just someone wanna stir up drama :clown_face:

I assume you are the guildies I gave advice to git gud? Whichever the guild is, I don’t really care
Chill, no need to feels so insecure
Nah, I’m not saying current winning guild is childish
More like all remaining players are childish
But yeah, this newly made report by newly made account has definitely no relation with this dude guild dominate gtw
then who else would bother go for the hassle making new forum account just to report this exact person and of all time now
Yeah, it’s just coincidence
it’s not because someone butthurt and feels like he is a sore loser
No, definitely No


Sorry edited my prev reply :blush:

There is no insecure since I’m just a retiree watching things closely and just wanted to talk based on possibilities and facts that are happening while keep tapping my forehead of how far and how pathetic people can be in this game. :man_facepalming:

Also don’t get me wrong, I agreed with whatever u pointed out if that’s really the case.

TS be like:

images (9)

moron cant fight so you just bark

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here you go


bruuuhh what now? y’all so silent after the proof video has been posted? come on, my popcorn has gone cold.

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by the look on tantalizer who is neither at his spawn spot nor moving you are suffering from what people call Lag.

Botting is a crime, their botting gain should be revoked, they must be executed, punished, banned

Though snitching on someone because of losing is equally disgusting act

You may disguise under “reporting”
still i do believe the root of this reporting is because recently someone or some people getting toxicated in pvp environment

As much as I hate botter I hate tattletale and sore loser even more

This toxic cycle will never end even in this not so populated game


Sorry I’m not into popcorn nor cheap drama
If imc think he is worth to be banned then so be it, Not that I care
What I care was how pathetic this kind of report surging because of toxic pvp

People don’t just show their skills during pvp but also resort to move beyond pvp like this one
This just proves how the pvp still toxic as ever
This kind of pvp is disgusting, exhausting and totally not worthy

It’s not totally players fault, Imc has big amount of shares on why this happens
Even though tos is not so populated games doesn’t mean it’s ok for it to not being maintained properly

Its not oot, just an insight, so let’s take a simple comparison like this one,

Look at that, the director of the game keep in touch with players, and it’s not the first time
If you coming up with, that’s huge game, tos is indie game, it’s not comparable blablabla
That just means you come into conclusion the same as mine long long ago
“what do you expect from tos/imc”

hahahahahahahahahhhahhhhhhhhhahhhh :laughing:

Only when IMC decides it is and their inconsistence regarding bans involving rmt and botting is so well known that no one ever cared or feared being banned by them

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Too bad . He owns this private server
You want to ban the guy that is paying for the hosting fee ? Good luck.
Maybe spend more than him and tell Kim Hakkyu that you want to host the servers in his stead. IMC lmao :rofl: You guys can continue to roleplay this good vs evil in his personal in-game god and irl inferiority complex simulator.


tyhz can do that , ask him to donate more fund =)

hey fat pig can you shutup