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Mercenary System For GvGs

A system where the guilds can recruit some mercenary to help them in the guild wars days. For example: a guild with 70 members, have only 60 members online in the GvG day. But, with the mercenary system, they can recruit 7 members (10% of the max of the guild). In this example, the guild can play with 67 players and can be more effective!

A lot of people want to do PvP, but some not every week and a lot of guild want to play with more players. :heavy_check_mark:

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Game can’t even handle 60 people in one map without lagging. I’ve been to gtw maps where I literally cannot enter because the channel is full. :roll_eyes:


good idea but only after optimizing the game


Yes! I understand you guys.

Only way this would work is by capping guild participation on a map itself, including mercs.

Honestly though it would be better if:

  1. Formalize alliances.
  2. Cap guild participation per map at 30.

Problem with mercs and alliances is how big guilds currently are, and how much of a disadvantage smaller guilds have. Right now it’s treated more as a numbers game, rather than the quality of participants. Large scale GVG is fun to a point, but if the server can’t handle 100 people on a map–let alone more–then size and scale will always be less enjoyable than, say, good old 15v15.