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Mercenary quests don't give exact exp Card

hi guys,
I have a question and I don’t know if i mess or miss something, I don’t understand why daily quests in Mercenary post gives my R6 LVL 177 cleric LVL 8 exp cards (which is obvious) and my R6 LVL 180 swordie only lvl 6 Exp cards… :confused:

pls some one explain me whats wrong ?? ty :smile:

Cause IMC hates swordmen?



i think the quest have 5 repeat, so its randomly given

i think you can abandon low reward quest, but generally, its
-2 level exp card
-2 level exp card
-1 level exp card
-1 level exp card
appropriate level exp card

it scale with level

something like that

thx for replay mate, after this post i did all my cleric quests all gives lvl 8 exp cards, and i discarded all my swordie quests all of them gives lvl 6 exp cards which i don’t need them :confused:

and if its scale with lvl that should be the opposite of what happened, lvl 177 get lvl 8 exp C and lvl 180 get lvl 6 Exp C bruh

not too sure, my last exp card quest was 3months ago…

will u able to help this new comer


wow nice reply dude…
Mr @kinyau87 thx a looot
@razm2888 if you are like this I don’t need ur help… go learn the art of discution before helping others

its okay…

you’ll come across alot people like razm

sorry im not of much help.


this is just a bunch of text