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Mercenary badge shop reset on Saturday kills the weekend play

Dear IMC, because you offset mercenary badge shop reset date from weekly instances reset date, we end up in a situation where people can no longer buy leftover resets from shop and use them on weekend. Previously, people could buy resets at the beginning of a week and they would be valid all the way through. Now, if you use a reset on a weekend, you risk burning it and not finding the party until weekly instances reset. This change turns players away from automatching on weekends. Could you please change the weekly reset date to Satruday as well, so we could safely buy and use resets and don’t think about them being wasted a day later? Thanks.


or change weekly instances reset to weekends too

That’s exactly what I asked tho
Edit: I see I made an error in my post, sorry

this is not the resets issue.
this is population issue.
in addition, its issue of having playtime during dead hours in your server
which now seems like forever.


What’s the point of having some resets on Saturday and some on Monday anyway, this makes no sense…

More of an issue for me is not being able to consume resets because of the lack of players during my hours. Sometimes queuing and shouting for long periods. Why aren’t players given the choice to match 2-4, or go in with a team? Idk i hate this automatch thing