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Mercenary badge, another way to get?

Since its community quarantine, we dont have work that’s why I can participate in feud for mercenary badge. When all thing back to normal. I cant do feud anymore so Im looking for another way to get Mercenary badge. Can anyone help me pls… Thanks

future patch will have all bernice coin and other uphill defense points into 1 overall mercenary badge shop…
also some kind of new CM sortof “dimension collapse” raid/run will give mercenary badges…
better wait…

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Correct, it’s Uphill defense and Vernice dungeon.

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Just wondering, do you know the conversion rate for bernice coins into mercenary badges? I’m trying to figure out whether to spend my coins or hoard them :smile:

I’m really looking forward to this and hope we get this soon. If we don’t then most of us on the new servers can forget about ever getting first place after the merge lol

Uphill defense coin -> per coin = 14 Mercenary Badge
Vernice coin -> per coin = 40 Mercenary Badge


Thank you! :slight_smile: