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Memory (or more likely resource) leak in the Mar 12 patch?

After launching the game and playing for a while, my game started throwing polygons on the screen in place of skill animations/effects. And soon everything turned into big white polygons…

I restarted the game, which fixed the issue, but after a while the issue reappeared. Makes me think there’s probably a ressource leak somewhere which eats up all gfx ressources until there are none and the engine can’t draw some stuff on screen anymore.

Could it be because of the new optimization patch (which by the way is an amazing improvement!) on the client?

I’ve been getting this issue too and my game starts to drop frame excessively. Same exact issue.

I got that issue too. For a while, it will be working all good then it comes back up and I been checking my graphic card and it is still good. I know this wasnt doing that last week or before the patch.

Ok, I’ve started to narrow down the problem. Yesterday, I played with my main dark wizard for a while, then switched to my cryo-kino for Feud, and the game was running fine. After that, I switched to my low level pyro to do some quests in the fields and the problem started to appear. I restarted the client and the issue was gone, but as soon as I played my pyro again, the graphical glitches reappeared after a while. So it’s clearly a graphical ressource leak in the animation of one pyro skill. I’ll do some more testing tonight, but I’m pretty sure this is caused by the Fireball animation.

And by the way… BAD GATEWAY!

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I’m having problems with this too :confused:

The problem appears randomly, but Fireball seems to speed up the process enormously.

Note: someone in our guild also has a pyro and doesn’t have the problem. He’s using NVidia GeForce graphics card. I’m using ATI Radeon. Doesn’t that sound like “Yet Another AMD Processor Problem”? I wouldn’t be surprised if the leak is actually linked to having an AMD graphical processor to render the skill effects.