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Melt together m.critatk and p.critatk / Hybrid Gems

Critical Attack

I think it would be much better if Critical attack wouldn’t be separated into magical and physical and there would be only “Critical Attack” that adds to both magical attacks and physical.


  • Would open up the usability of SPR and DEX for all classes.

  • The problem of Physical Clerics with SPR and Healing would be solved.

  • A hybrid SPR/DEX Build would be more viable.

  • We could have a Hybrid Gem that is not only good for physical oriented or magical oriented classes. Also the other one that would be freed up like this ( we have Yellow and Green gems with different crit attacks currently ) could be turned into an Additional Damage Gem or Healing Gem or Summon Damage or whatever else we don’t have.


  • Could need some rebalancing.

  • Some ppl wouldn’t be happy with their current ichors after a change like this but that can happen anytime x)

  • (can’t think of any other real ones right now)

Hybrid Gems

Even if Critical Attack wouldn’t be changed thinking about Green and Yellow Gems I think it would be better to put together Physical Critical attack and Magical critical attack on one Gem. Noone rly uses Critical Attack Gems afaik and it would make it at least usable to hybrid builds.

Also as i said the other gem could be changed to Additional Damage, Healing or Summon Damage or whatever else would be useful.

Also totally different new gems could be introduced too that supports hybrid playstyles but I don’t think that would be better/necessary personally.

( I decided to make this into a suggestion topic and tried to make it more clear. I hope noone minds. Nothing rly changed about what i said before just made it into a different format. )


They should’ve done it since day 1, that could be a way to make hybrid clerics more viable. Well, perhaps even try out using magic scrolls with Scout (and other physical classes).


Yes… My actual Clerig uses str/con/spr, because I don’t like the builds with auto attack and I like to have some sustain. But the critical in the SPR is only for magical atacks (I think, I don’t remember now…).

Yeah it would have been much better and interesting.

I’m only concerned about its impact on the game NOW… but thinking about it it’s not that big deal tbh that couldn’t be handled.

Like… I was thinking about the stat scalings of classes. That could be changed with this too…but tbh it’s not necessary. If they added that hit delay reduction to dex in the first place than they must have had it in mind that it is mainly a physical stat atm so physical classes will have it mainly.

So that hit delay thing and attack speed and all in all DEX still could be considered as a base stat for physical classes so they get it as scaling while magicals would have to earn it if they want it from gears and stuff. Same with SPR just the other way.

The hard part would rather be the balance between SPR and DEX. They mostly should feel kinda equal and still feel secondary compared to INT/STR imo… if you are a damage dealer. If you are a healer or summoner of course SPR is your main stat tho.

Yes and it definitely would fix the problem of physical clerics about healing.

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I bump this topic once just to make it more obvious I changed it to a suggestion. Then I let it be forgotten forever. Don’t mind me haha.


Suggestion topics are meme, because we don’t have a good dev who looks for our community. They don’t care…

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