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Megalomaniac is recruiting! :D


Guild Name: Megalomaniac
Server: Telsiai
Guild Master: Gherzales

Megalomaniac is a large ( 83/83 number of members ) and international 4-year old guild with members from various countries. We are one of the largest guilds in Telsiai, currently recruiting members.

  • We participate in both PVE and PVP content alike

  • We accept both new players and veterans

  • Discord is our main hub of communication. As an international guild, we use English as our main language

  • We are a family . The guild is an inclusive, friendly, and respectful environment. If you ever need help with anything, just ask

  • We also provide latest news and updates translated directly from Korean servers for everyone

  • We really wish you would stay with us for as long as possible!
    ** Note that we do not accept anyone involved in violation of the game’s term of service, scam, fraud, infringement, or crime of any kind
    ** Note2: I apologize for the misleading advertisement as we’re just reposting this for the sake of event. The guild is currently full but I’ll update this post once there’s a free slot


Greetings, savior!
Thank you for your interest of our event!
Unfortunately the number of guild members is missing in the post.
So please fill in the information and take rewards!
We will be waiting for your updates.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello Staff Jin, I’ve re-edited my post :smile: Thanks for informing and sorry for the trouble :sweat_smile:

Where’s the famous guild slogan?

No worries :smiley: Thank you for the update!