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Meet the "worst ToS", but made with a better engine

I know, this game looks kinda bad and catchpenny. I’m not here to advertise it or something like that, just to remind us all the potential ToS is wasting using our current troublesome game engine (fps drops, crashes, desync, no massive pvp or gvg or pve). Phew


game probably plays out nice but looks like garbage. Even though ToS game engine is bad, it still looks good.
btw if you are hoping they rework the game engine dont even bother waiting. It might take years or it might never happen.


it looks prettier than their older games at least

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It looks fine. Gonna check it.

Ok, its Diablo3 mechanics.

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Noticed it a year ago, they are very slow with the english version.


Wasn’t that crap a point and click mode only ?

I think it is

its point and click? then it lost my interest already, which its a shame because i liked it :confused:

X-Legend, huh?
It’s probably exactly like all their other games, as per usual… :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone said on a video that you can walk using WASD, but the attack is only using mouse (I guess)

@Tankhime I don’t know them, can you describe a little bit?

You probably wouldn’t know X-Legend themselves… but you might know Aeria Games, a company that publishes some of their games for NA.

Eden Eternal, Aura Kingdom, and Spirit Tales are X-Legend’s games. It’s not that their games are good or bad I guess, but they always seemed like the same exact game with different graphics to me.

Playing with a gamepad - control is fluent and awesome. Very nice game with interesting skill mechanics.
Playing all days long since installed :smiley:

If you play with keyboard + mouse , control is similar to Diablo 3 mechanics.

They made the game when ProjectR1 (TOS) become popular
which is why the control follows as well

I would say that D3 and ToS controls are quite different. And this game is way closer to D3 in terms of… everything I guess.

Also this game has amazing equipements and sets in terms of mechanics and wombo-comboeing different skills/builds with them. Gonna put some videos here lately.


I recognize some of these games, already played a few of them and they all seemed ‘dull’ (to be optimistc) haha
Thanks for the additional info

@nfprivaron please share your videos! :slight_smile: