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Maxed out merc badge prompts

Dear IMC; As you can see, when the weekly badge is maxed out, every time we step on a badge, this prompt shows up. multiple times, and for quite a long time.

May I propose some alternatives:

  1. No more badges dropped when weekly cap is maxed (my best proposal)
  2. Don’t make it a prompt, make it a text so it much less harmless to our visual experience (unable to see/target mobs, getting frustrated eventually, etc.

I can also say the same for whenever we pick up an item, maybe make it smaller? And at a location that’s less intrusive?

That’s all from me for now.


Totally agreed! It bugged me so much since I usually max out my merch badge on Wed-Thur and can’t do any collection / event coin field farming without seeing the annoying notification blocking my screen.

I think Benzo’s proposals are reasonable, otherwise increasing merch badge cap is not a bad idea since merch shop items have caped amount we can purchase daily-weekly.

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This is already implemented. Last week I’ve maxed it and after a while I didn’t get any badge drop anymore. Maybe you have to switch char or log out, no idea, but clearly this is already the case.

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Are you sure…? I’m still getting coins even after maxing my limit.

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I was doing ep13 quest last night and this kept showing up the whole time. I hope they fix this soon :sad:

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 2.00.00 pm

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Also annoying is the warning you get each time you use exp cards once you reach max class exp. It will always say that the class exp will be lost, even if there is no exp to lose. This warning should only be displayed when you max base class exp and the first two classes, not for the last one.

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