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MATK cleric build?

Hey, so i’m returning to the game and i always wanted a MATK cleric build, and i was thinking in doing a Druid/Krivis/Exo but i don’t know how viable it is.

And if it is, wath gear should i look for?

I’m really lost, so any help would be great.


I used to be Druid/Exo/Oracle, months ago it was pretty nice, idk how viable it will be with the upcomming changes, haven’t played since May

Druid/Krivis/Exo DPS is great as long as you can keep yourself alive without a shield in most content. Plate armor is recommended + Rubric Ichor.

There are other Magic cleric builds out there as well such as:

Sadhu + Krivis + Druid = Magic AA with Crit Amplifier/Booster + Permanent knockback immunity.
Sadhu + Exo + Druid = AA/Hybrid combos. Asio Mace recommended
Here’s an example:

Exo + PD + Druid = Jack of All Trade. Can heal party/yourself and mass speed buff. Not as strong as Kri/druid/exo but one of the best starter matk cleric build other than Zealot+Monk+Inquisitor.