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MATK cleric build?

Hey, so i’m returning to the game and i always wanted a MATK cleric build, and i was thinking in doing a Druid/Krivis/Exo but i don’t know how viable it is.

And if it is, wath gear should i look for?

I’m really lost, so any help would be great.


I used to be Druid/Exo/Oracle, months ago it was pretty nice, idk how viable it will be with the upcomming changes, haven’t played since May

Druid/Krivis/Exo DPS is great as long as you can keep yourself alive without a shield in most content. Plate armor is recommended + Rubric Ichor.

There are other Magic cleric builds out there as well such as:

Sadhu + Krivis + Druid = Magic AA with Crit Amplifier/Booster + Permanent knockback immunity.
Sadhu + Exo + Druid = AA/Hybrid combos. Asio Mace recommended
Here’s an example:

Exo + PD + Druid = Jack of All Trade. Can heal party/yourself and mass speed buff. Not as strong as Kri/druid/exo but one of the best starter matk cleric build other than Zealot+Monk+Inquisitor.

hi, if i want to make a new class Exorcist - Driud who better i take first for easy leveling??

both are good, but I recommend Druid first, since the grass is gonna heal you and help you doing aoe damage to deal with a good amount of monsters in the beginning. Rubric is a really good option, but the fact that rubric is linear you’re gonna have to gather monsters the most close to a line to get better results, so pick druid, the grass and thorns are really helpful for fast leveling, besides rubric and katadikazo is gonna be your main AOE damage so, if you start with exo, you’re gonna be stuck using only rubric and Aqua benedicta in between for a while

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druid for faster lycanrophy learn.

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thank you very much robert for your suggestion, then i will pick Druid first.

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thank you lumo i will pick Druid

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