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Matador's Art Damage deception

Its simply a deception looking at the [Arts] Corrida Finale: Raging Bull damage…
It looks cool, but after some quickly tests on pvp the damage was lower than my auto attacks hitting less than 100 per tick(slow ticks by the way), also the corrida finale damage it self was hitting less than Faena.

Its just me whining or it deserve some love?


thanks, now i wont waste 36k atb for this trap ART

i still doubt wether to replace my hopbar to fencermata or not, looking at SFR it seems fencermat is stronger…

Im stuck with it for some time now…
Just to make it quick Here is a Pool about Matador Art right now:

How are you feeling about Matador’s Art, Corrida Finale: Raging Bull?

  • Good
  • OK
  • Bad
  • Worse than Auto attacks

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As far as I know, the fire hits for 10% of the skill’s damage. Since the skill hits for 390% (assuming skill lvl5 and 0 enhance attribute), each fire tick hits for 39% sfr…

my Corrida finale is max passive :sad: still hitting with a candle…

Given i’m a fencer/matador/barbarian, i would say it’s almost fine.
I mean, epee garde’s art even has a serious drawback - and the description is wrong and doesn’t properly mention it. And barbarian’s art doesn’t even apply to rapiers, as their minimum and maximum attack are already the same.
The bull’s art may be relatively weak, but at least it does something.

well…since i’m a doppel fencer mata now…finally got a good art to use
doppel rush attack art
for real thou, the burning bull does help in killing stack of funiture in siaulai and saalus mission…

may i know your fencer mata skill distribution?

Fencer: 15 sept etoiles, 15 attaque composee, 4 preparation, 1 balestra fente, 5 epee garde, 5 fleche
Matador: 1 capote, 1 muleta, 15 faena, 10 paso doble, 5 corrida finale, put points on olè depending on the crit rate you want to reach, put the rest in back slide (in my case i’ve put 8 on olè and 5 on back slide).

Faena is difficult to use due to it being non-cancelable and with a slightly long animation, but if you use muleta successfully on beast monsters, it will give a debuff that makes faena always crit. And that makes it deal quite a nice amount of damage (with preparation, even more).

thanksssss! will try it after MT
i find lv 1 and lv 4 preparation is identical, is there any different?

Each point into Prep reduces its cd by 1 second

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