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Matador with mace+shield

are they compatible??

nope, matador’s skill are rapier only

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If you wanna play mace you have to go barb plus something like hakka/pelt/rodel and use asio mace because its totally op. It is genuinely legit.

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can asio mace still compete with the new 400 two hand sword? in term of AOE dmg

Yes, because asio 1h is super op, and you cant use 2h mace as swordie anyway. You want the asio ichor in either a velco mace or the new skia legendaries, but velco is probably better because of kraujas. 1h sword + shield is generally pretty weak but asio mace can make up for it, at least in CMs.

Isn’t Hakka sword only?

Nope, for some reason you can use maces.