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Matador MULETA bug, counter only works ONCE per map

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Server Name: Telsiai

Team Name: Artsy_Ink

Character Name: Paul

Bug Description :
Muleta counter skill and CD reduction on successful counter only works once per map.

note* using Muleta Art: Faena works fine. but some players dont want 30s CD on Muleta.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. aggro mobs
  2. use Muleta w/o Art, also turn ON attribute Muleta Showtime (works fine)
  3. then repeat, aggro mobs
  4. use Muleta w/o Art. attribute Muleta Showtine still ON (now muleta counter doesn’t work)
  5. go to new map/channel, and repeat process.

Screenshots / Video :

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Hello @pulgasxiii,

We’ll be sure to forward this to our proper department for review and investigation. We appreciate your patience and understanding while they are investigating the matter.

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I have the same problem in Weekly Boss Raid too.Please fix :sad:

Guys you could patch this problem until IMC fix it. By using DEX in Ichors

do u need Dex in ichor to use muleta now? hmm…

Not necessary, due to this bug this is a fix for now.

Is it fixed? My muleta still miss and act like Nishimiya’s video … T- T. no buff from muleta

It just got fixed in ktos

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