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Matador Arts consistence

If you manage to keep Banderilla stacks on target, have successful counterattack with Muleta and hit target with max number of flames of [Corrida Finale: Raging Bull] you still do less damage them a Hoplite against Boss/Large monster. Matador is a class with high risk and no reward. I will not ask for buff, but I want Matador to at least be consistent with its damage.

  • [Arts] Muleta: Faena
    Really bad Art. Enable it and you lose more them 20% of your DPS because [Muleta: Showtime] is a really strong attribute.
    How to fix it? Decrease Faena number of overhits from 3 to 1 and increase damage by 3 times.
    This way you still lose DPS enabling [Muleta: Faena], but you change your play style by trading a very little amount of DPS

  • [Arts] Corrida Finale: Raging Bull
    Impactful only if you manage to make flame hit target. Flames can hit only 2 targets and are very small… if target move a little it get out of flames. Very inconsistent DPS even against Boss monsters.
    How to fix it? Reduce number of flames by 50%; increase flames size, damage and number of targets by 50%. Max DPS will not increase… it will just be more consistent

Thank you