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Masinios mace +21


IMC please fixed my masinios mace 1h +21 / t10 because wen i bought it on market it is exchangable then wen i get it and ready to exchange it… it shows its expired… but before i bought it theres a description that its still exchangable… i bought it feb.10 - i bought this even though its expensive for knowing that i could barely change it but its not… please help me about this… thanks -

TEAM NAME: lloydfuji
SERVER: [SEA] Telsiai



You can’t exchange it after trading via market/personal trade. You should’ve read patch notices more carefully…

Note: This is valid only once per item. Only items that haven’t been processed (enhanced, transcended, added sockets, added Ichors, awakened or traded) are eligible.

So, in a way, you got scammed by the seller, who baited you with that blue line, telling that the item is exchangeable.



this is sad… well i think there’s nothing i could do about this :frowning: thought that i could still exchange it… anyway thanks for the concern… i rather be better careful next time…



Yeah. +21 T10 Masi Mace is still a very strong weapon and very good for clerics. Better use it for good )



yes… so in short all items that are still exchangable in market are cannot be exchange anymore… i be thankful that this only masinios i bought not velco knowing that i could still exchange it… hew! im wiz :frowning: but i think i can still use this for a mintime…



Yeah, after buying the item from market it becomes non-exchangeable

Masimace is also good for wizards - especially for Cryo’s Ice wall.



thank you very much for that very useful info… and i rather read careful the “NOTE” before getting something…

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