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Market place missing item 6/5/19

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 6/5/19 8pm est.

Server Name: Klai

Team Name: MibuTribe

Character Name: Battousai

Bug Description :
(letting us know what you were doing before, during, and after the bug happened will help us a lot) I placed a ominous album into the market place and went to check to see if it posted later that night. I could no longer locate it under the sell section or retrieve tab in market place. All toons have been checked. I opened a ticket with support and all they did was confirm it was placed into the market place at the date and time. the problem is ITS NOT IN THE MARKET PLACE ANYMORE. It was listed at 10 million and all other albums were 14 million. I again logged in this morning, checked all my toons and the market place and it is sill no where to be found. Support did not read my ticket and understand the problem and closed it out. This is very annoying because I clearly stated it was missing and was not in market place or anywhere else. My guild also checked the market place to see if they saw one listed at 10 million and no one ever saw it get listed. Support really should read the ticket maybe 2 times if they don’t understand what the problem is get another person to read it. Having an item lost is never ok thing to have happen, having an item go missing that was gotten by using REAL MONEY to buy you cubes make it even worse. Please work on returning my item!!

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. no clue

Screenshots / Video :
(attach screenshots or videos regarding the bug)

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : N/A


  • CPU : i7
  • RAM : 16gb
  • Graphics Card : 1070 ftw2
  • Mainboard :
  • Storage : 1TB ssd, 500gb ssd
  • OS : windows 10 pro
  • Internet Connection : comcast cable 100mb
  • Country, Region : NJ,USA
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@GM_Francis can you take a look at this

Can any GM please take a look at this.

6 tickets submitted and getting no where. CAN any GM help?? @GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian @STAFF_Bob

This is screen shot from friend, my 10million album is not listed for him either. The only ones that can see it seems to be support…

Item finally came back after timing out for the selling period and I got it back.

still a bug that needs looking into and fixing…