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Market bug in the buying section

Hi evryone,

I returned TOS after a while and the market as changed a bit. Is it normal nothing appear in the buying section ? May I did something wrong ? :thinking:

Looking at the screen, i guess it’s probably some outdated addon that’s not working anymore. Either remove them or do a clean install of the game.

I removed the addons I had but still has the same pb. I didn’t show you this error message. Does it change something ? Otherwise I’ll do as you saywith the install.

have you verified local game cache after uninstalling the addons?_?

No, I don’t know where to find it and what to do with it. :sweat:

Open steam > Library > Right click on game name > properties > Local… > Verify

Sadly, it didn’t work. I’m going to reinstall. Thank you anyway.

Win + R > %appdata% > delete addon.manager folder

go to game files and delete the .ipf addon files from data folder