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March 30 Patch: Getting kick out to server select screen

Im not sure if it’s just me but, Im getting kick out to server select screen frequently while change maps/channels.

Its like out of 10 change map/channel, Im going to be kicked 3-4 times

Happens after patch. I was dungeon running all my 10 characters so i frequently change maps - town > dungeon > town ~

Hello Savior!

If the problem continues, please send us a ticket with the details (Screenshots, video, time when the issue occurred, etc) of the issue you are experiencing.
We will be glad to help you out!

Thank you and have a nice day with ToS!

Oh look, it happened again at around 10:05 AM today, to Telsiai of course.


I got kicked out while doing finishing a Dungeon, and I can’t log back in :frowning: Same server (Telsiai)

Only in Telsiai server the magic moment happen

UPDATE: now its ALWAYS kicking me every time a change map/channel

Send ticket? yea then IMC’s response will be “check your ISP” :upside_down_face:

so it did become a feature … its back … commander-kun …

Edit: or maybe our local network provider is doing its routine maintenanc-crash PLDC …

its only happen in orsha. pick char that in other map

I was in Fedi when the game kicked me out so no, it’s not only in Orsha.

yup same klai also popping com-kun …

go ch8 then use warp raid to ww

cant enter the game actually cuz of com-kun …tried every channel … recon … verify files … nothing … com-kun is like a virus gahahaha

after u use that char and got com-kun’s curse. u cant use that char again
need to use other char that not yet encounter that feature or make new char