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Map changes is disrupting the Sage Master's Bookmark collection daily quests

March 3rd, 2021 16:33 (Indonesia GMT+7) :

Server Name: Telsiai

Team Name: Benzo

Character Name: Podrick

Bug Description :
Adventurer Anastazija (Fedimian) gives daily quest to collect adventure token which then will be exchanged by her to one piece or two of Ripped Book.
Ripped Book is required to complete the Collection: Sage Master’s bookmark
That particular collection requires a LOT of those Ripped Books

Since ep13; A lot of map changes made some of these quest runs impossible to complete.
Whether the map is completely gone, or, the map had gone to extensive changes so that it’s impossible to acquire Adventure Tokens in those problematic maps.

These are just some of many maps where the quest are bugged or no longer exists. I’m sure there are more.
PS: Gonna edit this list when i find new ones

  1. Dadan Jungle
  2. Knidos Jungle
  3. Woods of the linked bridges
  4. Absenta reservoir
  5. Koru Jungle
  6. Zeraha
  7. Topes fortress 1F
  8. Topes fortress 2F
  9. Ashaq underground prison 1F
  10. Lemprasa pond
    10 Novaha institute
    11.Delmore manor
  11. Bellai rainforest
  12. Seir rainforest
  13. Carlyle’s mausoleum
  14. Cobalt forest
  15. Pelke shrine ruins
  16. Mochia forest

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Talk to Adventurer Anastazija where she will give you a hint on which map one should go to.
  2. Go to the map (if it exists and modified), and the Adventure Token spot no longer works. Quest failed
    Check the world map for the map she’s referring to, and the map has been deleted. Quest failed.

Screenshots / Video :
This quest should take Podrick to Novaha Institute

Novaha Institute no longer exists

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) :


  • CPU : AMD Ryzen 3600
  • RAM : 16gb
  • Graphics Card : GTX 1070
  • Mainboard : AMD b450
  • Storage : 1TB NVME
  • OS : Windows 10 Pro
  • Internet Connection :
  • Country, Region : Indonesia

I’m having the same problem! Please fix it!

And when i go to the sage master with the 8 ripped, she doesnt give me nothing

IIRC he gives you items on every 3rd submission.
So you’re gonna at least need 168 of those Ripped books i think.
I’m at the 5th item so getting the last two is very slow thanks to these overlooked changes by IMC.

Thank IMC!


We want back Letas Stream !!

This was fixed in this week’s patch on the test server in the Korean version. We will get the fix in due time.

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So so glad to hear this!
Fix can’t come sooner.
Thx for the info!