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Map challenge mode entry 10/10 even when map is empty

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Server Name:Telsiai

Team Name: Mevius

Character Name: Sky

Bug Description :
Map challenge mode entry 10/10 even when map is empty. All starts since Challenge Mode:Division Singularity (CMDS) patch arrived

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Start CMDS

  2. When round about to end, some player will switch to their alt of different Steam account.

  3. CMDS finished with less geared character that has been farming Mercenary Badge to enter CMDS.

This however will make normal CM entry on that map to permanent increase up to 10/10. So no party can do CM on that map already until maintenance to reset the map.

Many people abuse this with their alt thus making the map to 10/10 very fast.

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The greediness of multiaccount owners make the whole server population suffers. I prefer IMC to never fix this greed barrier and the owners of that multiaccount to lower their greed level, for the greater good.

7aniki, this affects EVERYONE. I only use one character on one account and this problem affects me and my parties. You are advocating for the punishment of everyone who plays the game! That is a very rude position to take. Perhaps instead of trying to punish innocent people you should ask yourself why you are making such hateful comments towards people.

I know, this affect me too. If the abuser know this and they still abuse it, then they are the one to blame, greed over conscience. IMC fixing this will only motivate everyone to having multiaccount and mass abuse it.

Actually the cure is already there in the game, dont abuse it, simple right??

And @kezlengaming, i never wrote trying to punish innocent people, what i wrote before your post was the owner of that multiaccount to lower their greed level

My hateful comment is and always toward the abuser who create this mess in the first place, since my 1st post in this thread

Hey I share some info that might be a clue how this bug occurs.


  1. I checked map count was (5/100) checked portal count by opening cm portal near ds portal was (0/10) (I did it to find less populated channels to avoid any lag during runs)
  2. Mid progress one of player got dc-ed(internet problem) but manage to complete w/o him.
  3. The rest already put multiply token then kicked out from ds instance, I wait him to return then decided to put multi token 5sec before countdown end.
  4. Approx 1min after last ds run friend got online back. He can’t rejoin last ds instance to get reward then decided to do 2nd run.
  5. I checked map count (5/100) and portal count still (1/10) when about to start 2nd run can’t get in so decided to make new party.
  6. This time other member dc-ed but he managed to log back and get the reward.
  7. I immediately change map to rebuff . (forgot checked portal count)
  8. Party leader informs that he can’t get into DS portal.
  9. when I get back to DS map I got dialog box with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ option asking about if wanna continue the cm run (I hope u got the idea). I choose ‘no’
  10. Party leader inform he manage to get in and tell us to rush in too.
  11. While inside no monster spawn
  12. Decided to re-party (make another party)
  13. when about to start portal count was (2/10) channel count still (5/100)

at this time we start commenting about the who was the another party aside from us.

Since I got what I want from the content I didn’t report it as a bug. but if this info could help I might report it to the support team.


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I have no exact idea how it work too. Just prevent expel or join halfway should be fine.

@Staff_Brand @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_William

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Hi @redwea,

Kindly send a support ticket for further assistance regarding the matter. Thank you.


Replied: Oct 13th, 2020 at 10:48 am

Hello Savior,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We truly appreciate your report. However, we would like to ask if you can possibly provide a video scenario of the issue to assist our investigation. If the file is too large to be attached, you can upload it on a video hosting site and provide us the link.

We will also forward this to the proper department for review as well.

We look hearing back from you.

I did, but don’t expect me to get a video cause this require alternate steam account or few people to replicate.

@BijiTani if you can replicate your step in a video, please submit the report! :smile:

It has been a week since the error / bug persists and always on specific maps.

It doesn’t happen to just one person on the server. Several partys guard entry of the singularity to do on the weekend. We ran out of farming gold for the whole week to be harmed and not even a GM got into the game and looked at the issue.

@GM_Francis @Staff_Jin @Staff_Brand @STAFF_Yuri