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Manahas Quest Lost and Found 3 Detector Not Working

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Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 09/22/2020, NA EST

Server Name: Seasonal NA Klepida

Bug Description :
Map Manahas
Doing Merissa Quest Lost and Found (3)
Detector is not triggering Merchant Cell on map to find treasure.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

Screenshots / Video :
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Hi zraekor,

Kindly send us a support ticket with details about the matter for us to further investigate your concern.

i have the same problem

I made a ticket and they said nothing is wrong. I even provided video. Sad support.


I’ve skillwalked this entire area, and the chest is not coming up. Is there gameplay settings that need to be changed in order to see the chest?


I have the same problem

Any updates on this? I still can’t complete this quest.

Having the same issue.

they don’t care to fix.