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Make Velcoffer and Skiaclipse great again

I want to suggest an easy way to make Velcoffer and Skiaclipse raids great again while providing the option to keep Glacia viable,too, once the next equipment tier is released (if it is ever).

The easiest way is to keep the raids they are right now, providing the raw materials for the outdated velcoffer and varna equipment series.
You can easily recycle the current transmutors for vaivora weapon and goddess/demon armor and use them as a material to fuse velcoffer or skiaclipse equipment with glacia equipment to create new equipment.

The new equipment would be named either “Velcoffer Legenda” or “Skiaclipse Legenda”, depending which of them you use as a material.

The difference to normal Legenda equipment would be that the new equipment,while it retains transcendence, anvil upgrade and set effect, gains an additional stat bonus you can choose when you fuse the equipment.
To give an example, Velcoffer Legenda top,bottom,glove and shoe armor would allow you to choose a bonus on your block,evasion,HP recovery,SP recovery,HP,SP or stamina stat.
For your weapon,you would be offered the option of accuracy,block penetration,critical rate or additional damage stat.
The bonus would be equal to the transcendence value of the Velcoffer armor/weapon used as material, up to 10%.
Multiples of the same value stack,but with diminishing results of 50% less per additional buff of the same stat, meaning 1 stack of block would be 10%, 2 at a maximum of 15%, 3 at a maximum of 17.5% and 4 at a maximum of 18.75% boost to the block stat.

Since these bonus values are in percentages, they are future proof and can be used on every equipment set following, with Velcoffer and Skiaclipse each offering different boosts (Velcoffer would be focused on sub stats while Skiaclipse would focus on damage offsetting for armor and damage versus monster race/size on weapon).