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Make that the Mercenary Badges from Dimensional Collapse Point doesn't count in the weekly cap

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The reason about this suggestion is that already players can reach the 200.000 weekly Mercenary Badge cap (and they even get more) by doing the 11 dimensional collapse points (4 daily + 7 resets from Mercenary Badge Shop) plus all the other stuff (Weekly Boss rewards, uphill, Team Battle League, Gemstone Feud, Bernice, field monsters, …). This means that the Mercenary Badge from extra dimensional collapse points that players can do with dimensional collapse point reset vouchers from boxes from event cubes, becomes useless because players can’t overcome that limitation.

I think that make Mercenary Badge from dimensional collapse point be added directly should be better idea than increase the limitation from 200.000 to 250.000 or more because this reason (Instead, it should be reduced to 180.000 ± if the idea becomes true).

Probably, the best idea could be make all Mercenary Badge obtained from contents be added directly to the shop, and make the field ones be the only ones that count for the weekly limitation, reducing the cap limitation from 200.000 to 30.000 or 50.000 per week.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

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I think they should change the mercenary badge cap to a mercenary point cap you can gain per week, allowing you to stack surplus badges and use them for points later on if you have a bad day or just want to skip contents.
The whole badge -> point conversion mechanic is obsolete by the badge cap, if it’s simply exchanged for a point cap,the badges can still be collected and used later, providing more reasons to obtain a token for converting all the badges you collected into points.

IMC is simply bad at creating systems that provide some subtle encouragement to spend money, it’s always a “either you have all the benefits or none”, not noting that maybe players won’t be that encouraged to spend early on but can catch up later on with such cap changes.
If tokens even enabled to trade old raid loot for contribution points, they could earn extra money and help new players to catch up eventually by stocking up on obsolete loot and trading it at the price of some $$$.

The Gem feud badges has to be out of the count, very few people plays it because of the prize is not worth (at least in uniform you get 10 exp cards) and playing it every day plus doing the other content I reach the cap in Thursday :sob:

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The real problem is directly the cap it is too low and it even includes event mercenary badges.
If they really want to keep a cap to mercenary badges it should be more higher.
Also remember that non token players even have it worse since If I don’t remember wrong they get a 100k cap instead of 200k and can’t do all the content witouth surpassing cap.

I’m fine with the cap, that means i can skip several contents. Less time to do chores and more time to do other stuff.

I’ve submitted two tickets about this.

Received ’ we will forward this to the relevant departments ’ and nothing nada squat.

The saddest thing is the mercenary badges coupons we receive in events also count for the cap
I have more than 100.000 badges in coupons soon to be expired that will not be used because you get nothing after cap

Also when you get coins when you are capped, they are “bogus” coins that can’t be used at all. I tried to register them on monday after the cap was reset, but the coin balance remains at zero, meaning that the game doesn’t consider them as valid coins.