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Make Retreat Shot end when the Reiter runs into an obstacle and cannot move anymore

The skill of the schwarzer reiter called “Retreat Shot” supposedly is meant to be used to attack the enemy while running away from it.

However, it is not used like that at all.
In fact, people are exploiting it as this skill fails to end when the reiter runs into an obstacle, still continuing to shoot in the opposite direction while he’s no longer retreating, to maximize the number of possible hits applied to the enemies.

Please make it so that the skill actually does what it says, it shoots while you retreat, and when you are no longer able to retreat, the skill ends.
This would make the people use the skill in the way it is supposed to be used, to move away from the enemy while attacking and not running themselves into a corner prior to activating just to get the maximum damage out of it.

it’s the skill itself that’s dumb imo. as of now, reiter can outrun any enemy easily, making retreat shot ineffective. if the devs can just make retreat shot continue firing without running, SRs wouldn’t need to hit itself to a wall constantly like an idiot.

soooooo do you want to change “marching fire” too when SR is not marching?

and yeah point above, sr runs faster and retreat shot wont be able to hit due to out of range already.

That’s not how you use Retreat shot properly btw.

You use it while you hold down auto attack with limacon and you circle the enemy so your char turns around to shoot, and fires retreat shot when u walk away in a circle. So you deal Retreat + Limacon damage

The wall running is just when you’re lazy.

  • Schwarz already doesn’t have dash. It also turns off limacon when you dismount. Try SR in any PvP environment you’ll see how SR should actually be Buffed not nerfed

Uh no.


I like to circle around the boss like so:

Yes, yes, Buff SR thanks la.

seems like a minor thing to complain about but ok

and when you accidentally touch wall and finish your retreat shoot prematurly? i think not.