Tree of Savior

Make Reset Rank at will


Players would find META more easilly, dev would re-balance more easilly.

I’ve seen lots of games with free reset and TOS extremely complex system just NEEDS tons of experimentation.


That’s what alts are for.

You don’t need a reset event every day.


Reset shouldn’t even be an event.

Should be a default game feature like many other games with less complex class system.

Plus, META finding/Rebalancing seems like a nice thing to find/fix ASAP.


or at least can buy in tp, steam only purchase once per account xd


They supposedly are purchasable in KTOS. I would personally buy them up like mad. I am lazy. I have money to spare, but not always time. So the argument of roll an alt has little to no merit in my case.


I agree with you, rank reset should be made more acessible. The game would be WAY more fun this way


YES! It would be so much more fun with purchasable resets. I often hit a burn out phase at a certain point with games because of class options. With tree of savior having so many options I think that if you put a reset scroll in game the longevity of the game would go way up.


That would only apply if IMC would actually use the data of popular builds and reset builds to determine which Classes are good/too good and which ones are actually close to useless in the game.

So far, not even the community could suggest this to IMC directly via the forum (feedback is ignored, Classes not rebalanced, power issues only properly addressed for popular Classes, systematic failures when rebalancing Classes [e.g. the Bokor zombie overhaul which makes them now disappear after 200 seconds instead of decaying steadily, without any measures to resummon them except for spamming Zombie capsules (really inefficient way to refill the stock for Damballa) in boss fights], etc.

I understand why people want to spend their money on resets, but I also understand that the concern behind this is that you just spend money once per character, use a good build to level to cap, and then reset into your favorite build, saving a lot and resources on the long run.

This is pay to win, and a reason why Rank Resets have to continue to be restricted until IMC balances the Class System in a way that caters the majority of Classes instead of a few selected ones.


no, gid gud and stop crying


NAAAA, this is an RO style game, when you made a mistake in the old days you have to re-roll an alt. I get your point and Im with you but also understand why they do it this way. I hope we can get a middle point like being able to reset on weekend or somethig like that.


What i like from this game is the variety of classes, alot of combinationa and is so bored to just play a line of classed whiout the possibility of change to another combination


no class is useless my sadhu/exo does way more dmg than your beloved meta druids and everyone told me sadhu was a useless class gid gud and stop cryingimage


I agree that rank resets can be given whenever there is a change in class gameplay style due to balancing. But no to resets being a default mechanic to the game.

The problem of rank resets being readily available makes the community drift to a more meta~ish state. There is much lesser incentive for the player to stick with his or her build to try the new. Like if a player meets an obstacle with his current build, instead of gritting his teeth and tries to push thru with whatever he has, he will just reset to a more meta and easier build to clear.

It lowers diversity, makes players build more towards meta since everything is just a short reset away. Who will want to take the road less traveled? Humans are lazy by nature and gravitate towards stuff that is easier.

  • Why bother to accommodate a build that isn’t tried and tested in a Velcoffer party when you can just request that player to reset into a meta build?
  • Why bother to subject to numerous testing with different equipment and playstyles to make the best out of a build that a player is in when he/she can just reset to a much more efficient build?
  • How many players even bother to try out of the norm builds and stick to them for months learning the build’s ins and outs, instead of just following the crowd and use whatever build that is efficient?

If a player isn’t even willing to roll an alt to try out a new build and such, what are the chances that he/she will stick to a build and keep trying to make it better even if it is “not as expected” on the get-go when resets are available? What kind of balancing data will IMC get with this? Just truthfully ask yourselves. :3


Rank resets wouldn’t be a problem if imc just better balanced the game, several classes still need some serious love. Once that’s fixed then we can figure out if its still needed.


One of the main reasons of wanting a more accessible reset is because of my repeatedly failure on trying a non-meta build.

People who wants an easy way out, wont even risk doing a non-meta, theyll search online for meta builds and make no mistakes so no reset needed.

The lack of reset makes in my opinion the opposite of what you’ve stated. Players dont know when next reset is coming, so they wont risk and go safe doing a meta-ish build.

The balancing data can be easily retrieved on top TBL rankings, just like when clerics were OP and people called the game Tree of Clerics, due all top 10 being kabba/plague.

But great arguments there bro, how do I do those circles for enumerating?


Me too, I wonder how many builds I’ve tried and deleted over the 2 years, none of my builds are meta too.

Unlike us, even with more resets available, not many players will bother to reset into non-metas to try them out for an extended period of time. It will just harm the game more as players often or not, prefer not to think as much and just follow a meta build.

Just by looking at the forums, reddits and discord, the threads opened and questions asked, we can easily see what composition of playerbase we have. We have plenty of build followers (those who ask what is the meta/strongest/best PvE/Bossing/support builds) and follow them without asking questions; much more than build pioneers who often ask questions like skill synergies, can certain class work together etc.

Look at how Diablo3 is like, builds can change on the fly but how many still pigeonhole themselves into meta builds. Does the free reign of changing skills resolve the inbalances of skills? No as players often take the easy way out, why should they bother to try out a weaker skill/class when there is a better skill around?

Even within ToS class itself, if a skill is termed as crap will players still spec into it and keep using it for data collection purposes? Skills like Carve?


ToS is more of a pve game than pvp. Balancing data just from TBL isn’t sufficient. IMC needs data from players that plays certain classes extensively in their PvE content in order to learn how to balance them. Which is why a rank reset restriction helps.

An interesting question to ponder on why does IMC leave out classes such as Mistek (Alchemists), Hunters, Pardoners, Oracles in the previous few cleric/wizard/archer rebalances. Do you think the lack of play data (extensive pve data) of such classes lead to them being put on a lower priority for rebalancing?

Will having rank resets readily help in balancing such classes and gather data, given that we know (in our hearts) players will still go for meta builds no matter rank resets are available or not?


wheres the fun on playing some elses build? id rather play my own build than capy paste some elses…


Yeah keep dreaming bitccth :wink:


All praise Re:Build /o/


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