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Make Hidden class unlocks "account wide" instead of character-based

With the upcoming class resets, I’m sure I’m not alone in that some of us are going to roll a hidden class on some of our characters. Appraiser is attractive for many Archer builds, as an example.

However it is very anti-fun that the hidden class pre-quest needs to be done yet again to accomplish this. “I’ve already done this once, why do I have to do it again?” It’s very time-consuming as it is.

Request that when you unlock a hidden class, you do it for the entire account - not just the one character.


I agree, assuming they keep the difficulty for most of the hidden class quests the same.


Nice suggestion for future but too late for this reset event


This is irrelevant to the thread. I am asking for account-wide unlocks due to the fact that I have 3 archers, two of which I want to put Appraiser on. It is anti-fun to have to do the long-ass Appraiser quest on the second archer.

please make it happen, imc

Stop diluting the game further …

We’ve had too much fast food nowadays…