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Maintenance compensation

Uh, how about we stop getting useless exp tomes (basically trash) as compensation and instead replace it with untradeable BGs?

What do you say IMC


IMC either give challenge reset scrolls or Challenge Singularity Reset scrolls.

Things that can be useful as compensation … any of these would be fine

  • x1 class change voucher level 3
  • x1 skill reset potion
  • x1 unidentified mystic tome
  • x2 mystic tome page
  • x2 pamoka full
  • x2 awakening stones
  • x5 raid portal stones
  • x5 challenge portal scroll ( since you guys removed it from weekend buff)

yeah something like any of these not all hahaha would be muuuuuch much better than your outdated exp scroll …

if you want exp so much make it

  • x1 8x Exp Voucher … ( at least it would be then useful ) …

We’ve been together for years but you guys still stingy hahaha …

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Actually anything that we can use, unlike exp tomes seriously

Conducting sudden maintenance I get it, but provide garbage is absurd given how long we’ve all been around

this tbh. EXP tomes are pretty pointless nowadays with how fairly easy it is to level up.

1 unidentified mystic tome for long extension
2 tome pages for short emergency mt
thats it

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