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Main Quest - Unsettled Totems

I summoned the corresponding shaman doll but when it destroys the totems, it doesn’t count as a kill/ it doesn’t count to the quest. Please help :frowning:

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Yeah its been a few days and still stuck at this quest line, any suggestion to bypass it?

Some quest have been breaking since like 3 or 4 patches ago…

if anyone finds a quest that give problem and manage to get through it, tell what you did so others can finish the quest…

Meanwhile we have to wait and chant the mantra


@STAFF_Amy @GM_Francis

Having the same issue.
I tried:

  1. Abandoning and re-accepting quest.
  2. Leaving map and reentering
    3.Close game and re open.

Nothing works, and this is a main quest, very important to have this fixed, im new to this game and kinda dissapointed to see a main quest having issues. Hope its fixed soon.

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I am also new, and experiencing the same bug. I’ve also tried all the steps @andrezgeek did as well as having no companion in addition to the doll. No dice. I look forward to a resolution!

yea i did this as well when it didn’t work; i’ve also tried changin’ channels as that usually works when quest monsters don’t appear, but nothin’. i guess all we can do is work on alts until its fixed. smh, should prioritized the cleric sooner…

yep same here doesn’t work

It’s still bugged…

AAAAAAAAAAAAND still bugged =(